“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing…”

We are not geniuses. Lets get that right out in the open.  We claim no special insight, no gift for writing, no intelligence higher than that of anyone who may be reading.  However, we do believe we have a firm grasp on that disappearing virtue, the not so common, “common sense”.  That and a belief in the most important sets of “Fathers” we in this country lay claim too [that is 1) Foremost God, our Father in Heaven, and 2) our “Founding Fathers”], is what has driven us to the making of this blog.  After many conversations sharing deep frustrations over the course our country is taking, a course that has veered wildly from what we believe both sets of Fathers had envisioned, we decided that action was the next and most logical step.  Consider this blog our action, or at least the beginning thereof.  Our intent is to stir up the passion for our country and God that we believe most are endowed with, but may not be aware of.  However, as mentioned earlier, we are not geniuses.  Therefore, we will rely heavily on men and women much smarter than we, and bring you quotes, videos, commentaries, etc from such men that have inspired us and who we hope will inspire you as well.  We will offer our insights, but usually with just the purpose of highlighting the important thoughts expressed by others (the geniuses).

We want to bring these inspiring words to one place, in the hope that you will stop by our blog often to read about important issues confronting our world and particularly our country.  We have no delusions of grandeur, just an honest hope that we can bring awareness to some few of the state of affairs in our country, which is a dangerous state indeed.  We also want to create a place where others can share their own thoughts and ideas and be heard, because really we are seeking inspiration as much as offering it.  The best way we know how to help restore the governing principles of this country, such as religion and capitalism, is to first become educated ourselves and second to help others become educated as well.  In our busy lives it is often difficult to find the time to pursue this education, that is the primary reason we started this blog.  We want to consolidate these thoughts and ideas on one site where we hope you will stop by often to both read and share.   As Thomas Jefferson famously said, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” Lets battle ignorance together by confronting the social and religious issues affecting all of us today and arming ourselves with knowledge.

“A Republic, If You Can Keep It”. Benjamin Franklin is said to be asked what type of government he and the other founders were setting up, and this was his reply. We have chosen this quote as the title of our blog because it was both witty and prophetic.  Indeed, our ability to keep the very republic they set up is in jeopardy. In fact, you might say that the republic we embrace today would be almost unrecognizable by Benjamin Franklin and the other Founding Fathers.  Our objective is to “keep the republic”, and to do that we must know and understand what it is and what is was intended to be.

A subtitle of our blog might read “Living by the Governing Principles of Christianity and Capitalism”. We wish to be quite frank and upfront in expressing our views over these two all important beliefs and ideologies. We are Christians and we are Capitalists. We are Capitalists because we are Christians. The principles of a Christian life are most compatible with the principles of capitalism. This is not to say that every capitalist is Christlike in his attributes or actions, just as most people embracing any religion or ideology fall short of the ideal. But it is to say that Capitalism in its pure form is a system inspired of God and set up by Him through our Founding Fathers in the formation of our great nation. Why Capitalism?  Because Capitalism protects Christianity, just as Christianity defends Capitalism.  These ideas, and the importance of freedom we want to talk more about in our next post.

We plead with you to take the time to educate yourself through this site and anywhere else you can gain true knowledge, and then act. Don’t take our word for anything, study it yourself, form your own opinion, and then do something about it.  Someone is going to take action, will it be us…or those who are working to destroy this republic?

Here’s a great video that offers some unique insight given over 30 years ago.  Which prophecy is being fulfilled?

Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTDmGt1Pafw

Shelton Bischof and Chad Brown

For post and release notifications please email us at governingprinciples@gmail.com.  We will get you on our list so that you can join us in this cause!



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5 responses to ““All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing…”

  1. I love that quote. Love demands Action.

    You’d like this: http://theriverjordan.net/stop-fighting


    • Kelli Murray

      I am Christian. I am not a Capitalist. Just thought I’d let you know.

      • governingprinciples

        Quite honestly, you either do not understand Christianity or you do not understand Capitalism. Contradictions do not exist, check your premises.

  2. Aaron

    I am curious on where your understanding that capitalism in its purest form was inspired by god. This is an interesting concept. Are these your personal beliefs?

    And if you are pleading with us (the readers) to gain “true knowledge” and then act… act and do what?

    “Lets battle ignorance together by confronting the social and religious issues affecting all of us today and arming ourselves with knowledge.”

    – this to me sounds ignorant to begin with. why ignite a battle when you could have understanding through meaningful dialogue. Knowledge is received through understanding. Knowledge speaks… often times too much. Wisdom listens.
    And who is exactly “us”???

    • governingprinciples

      I am glad you raised the question of Capitalism being inspired by God, because there is a great misunderstanding of Capitalism and its role. Let me also be clear and quite blunt, that what I present is not just my “personal beliefs”. Truth is truth, whether or not you agree with it. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong, regardless of my personal beliefs. If I’m right, then I’m right, regardless of your personal beliefs.

      God is a lover of freedom, and his greatest gift to mankind is free agency. Capitalism is a system that embraces freedom. It is a system that allows anyone to become anything. That is not to say that it is not harder for some than others, thats not the point. The point is anyone can achieve anything they want because they have the freedom to become great, amid an economic system that does not prohibit or limit. No other system as yet introduced among people can offer that. None. If God has given us freedom and expects us to use it to do good things, that can only occur in a society where man’s actions are not controlled by another (person or entity). Man must be allowed to accomplish anything HE chooses.

      Collectivism, by contrast, means that a person can only achieve as much as he is allowed, while he sacrifices his greatness and potential in the name of lifting he who won’t lift himself. One must only be concerned with the arbitrarily designated “greater good”.

      The arguments against capitalism always seem to focus on a capitalist being too self-interested and not wanting to help others. Nothing could be further from the truth. Capitalism allows me to become great, but it allows you the same opportunity. Instead of dragging everyone down to the same level, it provides a means for each man to lift himself up. It allows me to help others as I choose and see necessary by the dictates of my own conscience, instead of at the whim of a government mandate. You cannot force charity. You cannot coerce giving. Punishing the successful doesn’t create more success. You cannot force a man to be great and do good things, he has to want to.

      It also seems, especially right now, that we are obsessed with preventing failure in this country; which is being used as a good reason for destroying constitutionally protected rights. How does this fit in with God’s plan? Has he ever promised us that we won’t suffer in mortality? Has he ever guaranteed success? This sounds more like another plan presented, and thankfully rejected. Why is failure so bad anyway? How many great men have failed (and been allowed too) on their way to success? You cannot have success without the possibility of failure. Overcoming obstacles is what makes men great.

      Quicker answer: If you believe that God inspired our founding fathers (which we do) then you have to believe the free trade system that they established was inspired as well (as it was).

      As for meaningful dialogue, I absolutely believe it is necessary and helpful, thats what this is. However, in our society where principles and morals are eroding with frightening rapidity, we need more than just dialogue. We need people willing to stand up for what is right, contacting elected representatives, gaining and applying knowledge of our constitution, and actively sharing this knowledge with others.

      If our founding fathers stopped at “meaningful dialogue” you and I would not be citizens of this Great Nation.

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