We are not geniuses. Lets get that right out in the open. We claim no special insight, no gift for writing, no intelligence higher than that of anyone who may be reading. However, we do believe we have a firm grasp on that disappearing virtue, the not so common, “common sense”. That and a belief in the most important sets of “Fathers” we in this country lay claim too [that is 1) Foremost God, our Father in Heaven, and 2) our “Founding Fathers”], is what has driven us to the making of this blog. After many conversations sharing deep frustrations over the course our country is taking, a course that has veered wildly from what we believe both sets of Fathers had envisioned, we decided that action was the next and most logical step. Consider this blog our action, or at least the beginning thereof. Our intent is to stir up the passion for our country and God that we believe most are endowed with, but may not be aware of. However, as mentioned earlier, we are not geniuses. Therefore, we will rely heavily on men and women much smarter than we, and bring you quotes, videos, commentaries, etc from such men that have inspired us and who we hope will inspire you as well. We will offer our insights, but usually with just the purpose of highlighting the important thoughts expressed by others (the geniuses).

We want to bring these inspiring words to one place, in the hope that you will stop by our blog often to read about important issues confronting our world and particularly our country. We have no delusions of grandeur, just an honest hope that we can bring awareness to some few of the state of affairs in our country, which is a dangerous state indeed. We also want to create a place where others can share their own thoughts and ideas and be heard, because really we are seeking inspiration as much as offering it. The best way we know how to help restore the governing principles of this country, such as religion and capitalism, is to first become educated ourselves and second to help others become educated as well. In our busy lives it is often difficult to find the time to pursue this education, that is the primary reason we started this blog. We want to consolidate these thoughts and ideas on one site where we hope you will stop by often to both read and share. As Thomas Jefferson famously said, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” Lets battle ignorance together by confronting the social and religious issues affecting all of us today and arming ourselves with knowledge.

“A Republic, If You Can Keep It”. Benjamin Franklin is said to be asked what type of government he and the other founders were setting up, and this was his reply. We have chosen this quote as the title of our blog because it was both witty and prophetic. Indeed, our ability to keep the very republic they set up is in jeopardy. In fact, you might say that the republic we embrace today would be almost unrecognizable by Benjamin Franklin and the other Founding Fathers. Our objective is to “keep the republic”, and to do that we must know and understand what it is and what is was intended to be.

A subtitle of our blog might read “Living by the Governing Principles of Christianity and Capitalism”. We wish to be quite frank and upfront in expressing our views over these two all important beliefs and ideologies. We are Christians and we are Capitalists. We are Capitalists because we are Christians. The principles of a Christian life are most compatible with the principles of capitalism. This is not to say that every capitalist is Christlike in his attributes or actions, just as most people embracing any religion or ideology fall short of the ideal. But it is to say that Capitalism in its pure form is a system inspired of God and set up by Him through our Founding Fathers in the formation of our great nation. Why Capitalism? Because Capitalism protects Christianity, just as Christianity defends Capitalism. These ideas, and the importance of freedom we want to talk more about in our next post.

We plead with you to take the time to educate yourself through this site and anywhere else you can gain true knowledge, and then act. Don’t take our word for anything, study it yourself, form your own opinion, and then do something about it. Someone is going to take action, will it be us…or those who are working to destroy this republic?

Here’s a great video that offers some unique insight given over 30 years ago. Which prophecy is being fulfilled?

Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTDmGt1Pafw

Shelton Bischof and Chad Brown

For post and release notifications please email us at governingprinciples@gmail.com. We will get you on our list so that you can join us in this cause!


4 responses to “About

  1. DanB

    The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of “liberalism”, they will adopt every fragment of
    the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing it happened.

    Norman M. Thomas, U.S. Socialist Party Leader in a 1948 campaign speech

    • governingprinciples

      Excellent quote, thanks Dan. It is sad that elitists of this type, past and present, think so little of the intelligence level of the American people that they believe they can “con” us into socialism. What’s even sadder, is that the American people are proving them right.

  2. DanB

    Here’s a good article on why the US will become more like Western Europe, which is to say more and more economically and politically irrelavant over time (think about why the EU was organized). President Obama is killing free markets and entrepreneurs while triumphantly and quietly waving his flag of socialism cleverly disguised as “Change”.

    Will Americans Turn Inward?
    05.11.09, 12:00 AM ET

    If you think the national mood is low now, go back to the 1970s. Gas prices doubled, and still drivers queued up. Stocks fell 48% between January 1973 and December 1974. Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned in disgrace in October 1973, and President Richard Nixon followed in August 1974. Saigon collapsed in April 1975, after U.S. Armed Forces withdrew from a war they were not permitted to win.

    In November 1976 Americans elected as President a man almost no one outside of politics or the state of Georgia had known just one year earlier. Democrats captured 61 seats in the Senate, some of them such pacifists that they wanted to shut down the CIA. The Democrats also took two-thirds of the seats in the House.

    Economic growth was distinctly out of favor during the 1970s. America’s bellwether state, California, had a governor, Jerry Brown, who practiced Zen Buddhism and slept on a mattress on the floor. Brown liked to recommend a book titled Small Is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher. A “consensus” among correct-thinking scientists and environmentalists during the 1970s was that the world’s oil reserves would soon run dry, possibly by the 1980s and surely by the 1990s. The novelist Kurt Vonnegut, worried about the resource drain, told college students that getting married and having babies was immoral. Newsweek ran a story on the latest bogeyman: global cooling.

    Self-Absorption and Trivial Pursuits

    Our current mess looks like the 1970s more than anything. There are, of course, some notable differences: House speculation, poorly understood credit derivatives, crazy leverage, bad accounting rules and lax SEC enforcement created today’s woes; in the 1970s it was oil shocks, inflation, tax-bracket creep and a growing welfare state. Those differences aside, we seem to have wound up in the same place. We are led by a government that once again distrusts markets, embraces oddly contradictory Keynesian deficit spending and Malthusian limits to growth (except in government) and is run by a President with a deep regard for his own virtue.

    Then, as now, the U.S. economy will recover. But it’s hard to imagine anything stronger than a tepid recovery–occasional bright periods of 2%-to-3% growth, interrupted by numerous minirecessions. On the whole, this will produce European-style growth of 1% to 2%. If you doubt this, then think of the American industries whose top companies will shift capital from growth investment to regulatory compliance: banking, for one; automobiles; oil and gas; electric utilities; pharmaceuticals. Picture yourself attending a board meeting at any top company in these fields. You will hear defensive talk overwhelming growth talk.

    How did ordinary Americans cope in the 1970s? Many turned inward. Writer Tom Wolfe captured the decade’s mood in a 1976 essay called “The ‘Me’ Decade and the Third Great Awakening.” Wolfe used the term “awakening” as satire. What he described was far from the religious awakenings led by Jonathan Edwards in the early 18th century or by the abolitionists in the 19th century. Rather, the great awakening of the 1970s was a national plunge into self-absorption.

    These were the years of psychological analysis, self-therapy, the jogging craze and cults. “Everyone, it seemed, had an analyst, adviser, guru, genie, prophet, priest or spirit,” writes the Web site eNotes. The 1960s sexual revolution hit Main Street in the 1970s, and divorce exploded. So did sexually transmitted diseases.

    What happened during the 1970s is that the first wonder of the world, human energy and creativity, got diverted from economic pursuits to the pursuit of pleasure. Tax, regulatory and inflationary hurdles made economic pursuits, on balance, too bothersome for too many during the 1970s. I am reminded of the movie Cabaret, which is about debauched and inflation-ridden Germany during the Weimar Republic. Hollywood period movies are never solely about the historical period portrayed. They are also contemporary statements.Cabaret premiered in 1972.

    Not all Americans depleted their energies chanting “Om” or swapping spouses. Some brave souls started companies. FedEx, Southwest Airlines, Charles Schwab, Microsoft,Apple, Genentech, SAS Institute, Oracle, Wasatch Advisors and others were launched into the headwinds of the 1970s.

    The same thing could happen again. One hopes, anyway, and crosses one’s fingers. Feckless as President Jimmy Carter turned out to be, he had the virtue of being an entrepreneur himself–a peanut farmer. He had the wisdom to know that deregulation was better than regulation. Hence, Carter deregulated America’s airline and trucking industries and let them compete on price.

    Barack Obama is not an entrepreneur. And neither is anyone close to him–not a single aide, adviser, Cabinet member or House Committee chair. Obama almost never mentions small business in his economic speeches. It is clear that he would like to divert some portion of America’s creativity away from private economic pursuits and channel it toward community building. That’s just who Obama is, and this can be a noble goal. But Obama won’t achieve it. The lessons of the 1970s are clear: If you put up barriers to private economic gain, you don’t get more community gain. You’ll send a nation off a cliff into self-absorption and trivial pursuits.

    Read Rich Karlgaard’s daily blog at http://blogs.forbes.com/digitalrules or e-mail him at publisher@forbes.com. See Rich Karlgaard’s new TalkBack video series athttp://forbes.com/talkback.

  3. Scott

    See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime. Then abolish this law without delay, for it is not only an evil itself, but also it is a fertile source for further evils because it invites reprisals. If such a law- which may be an isolated case- is not abolished immediately, it will spread, multiply, and develop into a system.

    from “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat

    How prophetic is that? How many laws currently fall in that catergory? What are we going to do about it?

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